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Jacobs & Company CPAs has continued to serve the accounting and tax needs of an increasing number of dental industry professionals including family dentists, oral surgeons, orthodontists, and many others. We believe that industry experience coupled with accurate recordkeeping, strategic tax planning, and frequent communications are the key to sound financial management of a dental practice. When you choose us as your CPA firm, we do more than accounting and bookkeeping, we become your trusted business advisor. We’ll use benchmarking to evaluate and improve the health of your dental practice and we’ll design an aggressive tax planning strategy to minimize taxes and maximize profits.

At Jacobs & Company CPAs, we’re the best choice for dental practice accounting and tax services because we understand each practice is unique and approach every client as a new opportunity to develop a longstanding professional relationship. Call us now at 501-372-2653 to learn more or request your free consultation online.

Joshua D. Jacobs, JD, CPA (dually-certified as a lawyer and CPA)

Joshua Jacobs CPAJoshua Jacobs is an Arkansas native with the unique skill set as a Certified Public Accountant and practicing lawyer. He's highly experienced in dental accounting and taxation for family dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, pediatric dentists, and dental contractors.

Joshua was born in Arkansas and obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a double major in Accounting and Management/Marketing from Arkansas Tech University in 2002. He began his career in public accounting, where he handled tax and audit services for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and other entities and individuals. He earned his Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law in 2010.

Joshua is currently licensed by the Arkansas State Board of Public Accountancy and the Texas State Bar. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Arkansas Society of Certified Public Accountants, Texas Young Lawyers' Association, Arlington Young Lawyers' Association, and the American Bar Association.

Benefits of a Dual-Certified Professional

Hiring a dual-certified professional who is both a lawyer and CPA provides at least one distinct advantage over hiring a typical CPA, confidentiality. That’s right, a lawyer has the advantage of attorney-client privilege and is not compelled to share information with the IRS and/or the court system. Any information that you provide to your attorney is protected by client-attorney privilege, meaning they cannot be forced to testify against you.

Conversely, a CPA who does not have a license to practice law can be compelled to testify against you in front of the IRS and/or the court system.